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The Spokesman-Review’s Newspaper in Education (NIE) program is committed to promoting and expanding readership among area youth throughout Washington & Idaho by providing FREE access to our digital replica newspaper for educators to use in their classroom as an educational tool.

Participation is open to any educator within Spokane/Kootenai County (and beyond!)

Efficient. Registration is simple and takes mere minutes to complete!
The Spokesman-Review will complete all necessary set up on behalf of your classroom, department or school and will provide an easy to remember username & password that can be shared with your students.

Easy-to-Use. The e-Edition is an exact replica of the print edition but with these added features:
• Keyword Search
• Hear the paper read aloud with text to speech
• Access 1 year of archived newspapers
• E-notify (sends you an email when a specific
 word/phrase is in the daily newspaper)
• Adjustable text
• Print, save, and email articles
• Compatible with an interactive whiteboard, projector, or computer

Engaging. Access to the e-Edition can be made from any device at your school with an internet connection. In addition, students and educators are encouraged to use the e-Edition at home by accessing it from a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

At the end of the school year, The Spokesman-Review will require a confirmation of participation. We will contact you via email and simply ask that you respond & return the signed affidavit to us for our records.